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                Stone carving in China originated in the Paleolithic age. At that time, ancient people used some simple methods to make some stone axes, stone knives, etc., which can be regarded as the originator of stone carving in a certain sense. Later, with the development of human civilization, with the improvement of human labor ability and the development of science and technology, stone carving art finally achieved considerable development in the Qin and Han Dynasties.
                Qin and Han Dynasties
                秦漢時期,石雕一般為大型的墓前石雕。這些墓前石雕造型生動、刀法簡練,但是石雕作品氣魄雄渾,極具動態感。這些石雕一方面具有極高的美學價值和社會學價值,另一方面也體現了墓主人的權勢和地位。當時社會流行厚葬之風,所以一些貴族和豪強也極力追求奢華的墓葬建筑及裝飾,并且他們也具備充足的財力、物力條件,于是出現了大量有畫像石的祠堂碑闕和墓室。這些石雕作品的雕刻手法大體可分為陰線刻、淺浮雕、平面雕和透雕等幾種手法。在題材內容上也豐富多彩蠕動泵 保定建筑設計 保定網站建設 保定網站制作 保定網絡公司 保定辦公家具 保定輕鋼別墅 ,包括了歷史人物、神話故事、孝義事跡、烈女故事、現實生活、祥禽瑞獸、羽化登仙等。
                In the Qin and Han Dynasties, stone carvings were generally large-scale ones in front of tombs. The stone carvings in front of the tombs are vivid and concise in shape, but they are vigorous and dynamic. On the one hand, these stone carvings have high aesthetic and sociological values, on the other hand, they also reflect the power and status of the tomb owner. At that time, the trend of thick burials was popular in the society, so some nobles and powerful people also tried their best to pursue luxurious tomb buildings and decorations, and they also had sufficient financial and material resources. As a result, a large number of ancestral halls and tombs with portrait stones appeared. The carving techniques of these stone carvings can be roughly divided into Yin line carving, shallow relief, plane carving and openwork carving. There are also rich and colorful themes, including historical figures, fairy tales, deeds of filial piety, stories of martyrs, real life, auspicious birds and beasts, emergence of immortals and so on