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                In the Qin and Han Dynasties, stone carvings were generally large-scale ones in front of tombs. The stone carvings in front of the tombs are vivid and concise in shape, but they are vigorous and dynamic. On the one hand, these stone carvings have high aesthetic and sociological values, on the other hand, they also reflect the power and status of the tomb owner. At that time, the trend of thick burials was popular in the society, so some nobles and powerful people also tried their best to pursue luxurious tomb buildings and decorations, and they also had sufficient financial and material resources. As a result, a large number of ancestral halls and tombs with portrait stones appeared. The carving techniques of these stone carvings can be roughly divided into Yin line carving, shallow relief, plane carving and openwork carving. There are also rich and colorful themes, including historical figures, fairy tales, deeds of filial piety, stories of martyrs, real life, auspicious birds and beasts, emergence of immortals and so on.
                漢代的一些石雕工藝品手法獨特,有的還會使用簡單抽象、變形夸張的技巧傳神達韻,以形寫神,達到特殊的藝術效果。這些石雕運用的抽象技法形成了漢代大型石雕的主流基礎。具有代表性的作品是西漢時期抗擊匈奴的名將霍去病墓的石雕群,這是漢代石雕藝術的巔峰之作?,F存石雕有《馬踏匈奴》 《石入》 《伏虎》 《臥馬》 《臥?!?《臥象白鋼雕塑 小型滾揉機 防火電纜 托輥設備 水刀切割機  銅鐘 石雕獅子  校園不銹鋼雕塑 扭王塊模具》 《野豬》等十余件,都是花崗石作品,其造型古樸、傳神而深刻,體現了漢代石雕的剛強氣魄及深沉雄渾的風格特色。
                Some stone carving crafts in Han Dynasty have unique techniques. Some of them use simple and abstract techniques, such as deformation and exaggeration, to convey the spirit and rhyme, and to write the spirit in form, so as to achieve special artistic effect. The abstract techniques used in these stone carvings formed the mainstream basis of large stone carvings in the Han Dynasty. The representative works are the stone carvings from the tomb of Huo Qubing, a famous general fighting against Xiongnu in the Western Han Dynasty, which is the peak of the stone carving art of the Han Dynasty. There are more than ten existing stone carvings, such as horse stepping on Xiongnu, Shijin, Fuhu, crouching horse, lying cattle, lying elephant and wild boar. All of them are granite works. Their shapes are simple, vivid and profound, reflecting the strong spirit and deep and vigorous style characteristics of the stone carvings in the Han Dynasty